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Got questions? hERE ARE SOME ANSWERS ...

Where is the studio?

My London studio is a couple of minutes walk from Gunnersbury station in South/West London. It's easily accessible, I often get the bus from Hammersmith and it's a very simple journey and the bus stop is at the end of the road.

In Cardiff, the studio is an 8 minute walk from Cardiff central station. 

Is there parking ?

London - there is paid parking right outside or free parking along Power road on weekends. 

Cardiff - there's free parking right outside the studio.


What happens when I arrive?

I will come and get you from the lobby downstairs, and we will go to my studio together. Don't worry, I'm an absolute chatterbox so no worries if you're nervous/ excited/ apprehensive / a mix of everything , I'VE GOT YOU and will do everything in my power so you don't feel awkward ! 

What's the vibe like when shooting? 

When we get into the studio, usually I offer you a drink (I have coffee/teas/water etc and I use oat milk and have a very fancy milk foamer that I'm obsessed with ) and then we sit and chat for a bit. I will ask you about casting types/ your general acting journey...please don't worry, this is not a test or an audition , I just ask so that I can get a feel for the sort of shots you will need/want. We will then look through tops and decide on the best ones together. I will also go through hairstyles and any makeup changes with you. We will then get started on the shoot!When you first sit down in front of a camera it can be daunting, I know that from first hand experience ! So first I will be giving you lots of tips and tricks that I have up my sleeve to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera so that you can be your best self. Not sure what to do with your eyes/ lips/face? I will guide you throughout, think of me like a mentor/director, rather than someone who is just clicking a button. Just to pre-warn you, I talk a lot, sometimes I sing along to the music ... if you want someone very strict and serious I am not your girl :D I'm probably the least awkward person ever lol , so hopefully you will feel chilled and relaxed before we start shooting.

How many outfits should I bring? 

You can never have too many options ! If in doubt, bring loads! We will go through all the tops together and I will help you narrow it down. 

General rule of thumb is bring 3 tops per hour session, so for a 2 hour 3 headshot session, bring a minimum of 6 tops.

I would also bring 2/3 trouser/jean options as sometimes your legs will be in the shot. 

Makeup/Hair /Shaving

It's better to come with your makeup and hair ready to go as we won't want to use any of our time doing that. You can do touchups in the studio, so bring makeup with you if you wear it so you can touch up throughout. I recommend for everyone, makeup wearing or not, to bring these essentials- lip balm and oil pads/de shiner powder. Message me if you don't know what any of that is, or ask a friend coz they're a total headshot game changer. 

And you are welcome to shave during the session, usually I recommend booking onto a longer session so we have time but of course, I can make it work no matter the package, we just may have to skip a look to fit it in. 

Do you play music? 

Ohhhh yes I play music. I play non stop music , I cannot think of anything worse than a silent photo shoot...actually I think that is officially one of my icks haha

Do I show you the pictures as we go?

Yes yes and yes, because it's not important just for me to like the shot, I want YOU to love the shot, and the best person to know if you're doing something weird with your face is YOU. I see my sessions as a collaborative experience so we can work together to get the best version of you. So yes, I will show you the pics throughout and you can tell me your honest feedback ! I will not get offended and would rather you tell me now than hate them afterwards!

Are you really as nice as the reviews say? 

Ok, without sounding like an egotistical knob...yes. Yes I really am that nice. So many people tell me that even after reading the reviews, they still weren't sure if I would actually be as nice as they say...well I like to think I am ! :P Look, I've been on the other side, albeit many years ago but you never forget a headshot session and how people make you feel. But also I would say that I'm just a kind person anyway. I would never shout at you, or make you feel shit about yourself...I genuinely LOVE what I do, and I get to meet such amazing, talented, unique and fascinating people and I sometimes just feel in amazement that I do this full time ! I want to help you bed your best self and ultimately , give you a good experience and leave with banging photos !I've worked really hard to get to where I've got to and I'm really proud of my work, proud of my reviews (which btw you can read on the testimonials section at the top) and proud to give people positive, fun and chilled experiences. 

What happens to the pics at the end ? 

I upload the unedited images to your own personal gallery the same day or the morning after. You will be able to go through and choose your favourite headshots. You can share the link with agents, family, friends who can all leave comments. Once you've chosen your faves, you will order the images and I will retouch them . You can buy more images, no matter what package you do.

Why do you retouch the images? 

Artists have to have their tracks mixed and mastered. 

Authors have their books proof read and edited. 

For me, the retouch is the final part of making a headshot epic. I like to get rid of anything temporary or distracting like a spot that appeared on your nose that morning ....which btw always happens haha and is easily edited DW! 

I colour grade in my vibrant style so the colours come to life and the shots stand out. An unedited picture is like a sandwich with no sauce, a party outfit with no accessories, a cake with no icing or jam....I see headshots as my work of art and I like to send you off with the best possible version of yourself so you can BOOK. THOSE. JOBS. 

OK, I hope I've answered some of your questions, but if you have any other questions for me, DM or email me, my inbox is always open to you. 

Fay x

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