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A successful headshot session is one that not only delivers quality, stand out and impactful's one that makes you feel good in the process. My sessions are fun, relaxed , I play music and we chat a bit ....or a lot! But most importantly you will feel confident, excited and ready for the next step in your acting career.

So who will you be shooting with ?

Well, me of course! I pride myself on offering a personal experience, from email to shoot, from DM's to the retouch you will be talking with me. You are someone that is entrusting me to shoot your headshot...not only am I honoured but I don't take your decision lightly. I can promise an experience that you will walk away from, not only with banging headshots, but also feeling confident and empowered in who you are, so you can hit the ground running and book those jobs!

I'm based in London and Cardiff and travel between those two studios. I've spent the last seven-ish years shooting and I specialise in headshots, press shots and portfolio work.

​ ​

Have a look through my website where you'll find examples of my work and testimonials from previous clients- I promise I didn't bribe anyone ;) Head over to the headshots page to book your session. 

I look forward to hearing from you !!!


Fay x

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