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Here because you want to know more about the INVESTMENT package?

Well it does what it says on the tin. 

It's the package that invests in you from start to finish. With a consultation call before the shoot, up to 4 hours shooting time so we can try as many tops and looks as we can, with refreshments chucked in and a healthy dose of laughter and vibes.

This is the one for you.

Have a read below to find out more...

You are a worthy investment...

"Investing in yourself means you are putting in the time, money, and energy into making your current and future life better."


Headshots ey ! It’s a tough decision , trust me , I get it . Been there , got the T-shirt. 


Maybe you've had your headshots taken before so have a vague idea of what to expect or maybe this is your first time and you are a healthy mix of nervous and excited. But you’re still worried … what’s going to happen in the session? What clothes do you bring ? What if I'm mean? Last time your confidence was knocked and you're worried that will happen again...Do you want to have as much time as possible? Two hours just isn't enough! Maybe you’re saying , ‘I’m not photogenic and have no idea to take a photo ‘ .


Well fear not my friend , because you are yet to shoot with me and I can promise you this , not only will you love the final images , you will also LOVE the experience and won’t want to leave ! I promise, you can check my reviews from previous clients if you want to see what they say! My style is friendly , relaxed and meaningful. The INVESTMENT package is a 4 hour shoot meaning you have the gift of time allowing for a stress free , confidence boosting , satisfying session. I will guide you throughout the session , helping you with poses , facial expressions , characters and vibes. As an ex-actor I will help you in the main way an actor knows how - by directing you ! We can try as many tops as we can fit in , test them in the light and see if they’re the right vibe. We can do headshots and portfolio , whatever you want. We can also go outside too , weather depending. Try different hairstyles , different makeup. Shave your beard off ! We have the time ! The INVESTMENT package also includes an optional pre- shoot consultation call where we can chat about the looks you want to do over a video call and I can help you with tops if you’re struggling . The chat also helps to eleviate any nerves as we can meet each other virtually before the session. 

We will also have a mini break in the middle to recharge and refreshments will be offered throughout. 

A Headshot session shouldn’t be a rushed thing, it’s an investment. Your headshot will get you jobs, your headshot represents you and you want the best possible image that will take you far .

I look forward to meeting you

Fay x

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