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To check availability, click on the package you want and my calendar will open. You can book your session from there. 

Dec availability online now. For Jan and Feb dates, email me to be put on the list to be notified as soon as I've released dates.

 Check my instagram for updates


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Shoots are all about vibe, it's easy once you know how

Your acting headshot is the first thing a casting director, producer, agent etc will see. 

Often it's your first impression and we all know first impressions last the longest. So give yourself the best chance at success with a headshot that shows you off and will get you in the room.


From my acting background, I have an understanding of what the industry wants and also a unique insight into what it's like having your headshot taken. Let's chat about your casting, what roles you love to play, what you want your headshot to say and have some fun while we work. 

My style is very relaxed and friendly - no need to be nervous I promise ! During the session, think of me as the friend who tells you that you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe. The straight up, honest, caring one who's got your back and won't let you look like a numpty! 

A deposit will be taken to confirm booking. This will be taken off the final price. Due to the current situation with the corona virus, you can reschedule your shoot with no extra charge, if you have any symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has received a positive test. But try to let me know within 48 hours of your session.

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3 Headshots

£325 - 1.5 hour session

Small but mighty ! A great package if you only want to show one or two looks, a top-up or to show a new haircut. 

Extra retouches available.

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Student 3 & 5 Headshots

£300 - 3 headshots
£350 - 5 headshots

For those holding a valid Student ID.

This package is the perfect way to get you started once you graduate!

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5 Headshots

£375 - 2 hour session

This package is best if you want to show a range of looks. Will have time for 3-5 top changes.

Extra retouches available.

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Bring A Friend - 5 shots each

£700 - 3 hour session

Sharing is caring ! This package is perfect if you're both a bit nervous or would just rather having your best mate with you! You'll both still get my undivided attention, you'll just have a cheer leader watching from the sides. 

A saving of £25 each.

Just Headshots and/or Portfolio

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Headshot & Portfolio/Press Shots 

£425 - 2.5 hour session

6 mixed shots of your choice.

Studio shoot and can go outdoor (weather dependant).

For those wanting headshots and lifestyle shots for their portfolio. 

Extra retouches available.

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Afro Hair Package- 6 shots

2 x £200 1.5 hour sessions

For those with afro hair who want to show two different hairstyles in two different sessions. I've created this package in response to previous clients needs. You need to book  the two sessions within three months of each other. 

Can include portfolio/press shots.


Sunday Bookings

extra fee   

If you can only shoot on a Sunday, email me directly to book in . 

There will be an extra £50 shooting fee.

Extra Discounts

Returning client  


10% off (Email me to apply discount after booking)

Extra Retouches

£25 each for the first two.

£20 for any extra.

Images will be on the website for max two years, after which they will be deleted.



Bring 3/4 top choices as a minimum. They should be different colours (neutral works best but if you want to bring Joseph's multicoloured dream coat then I'm not going to stop you :D ) Make sure you include different necklines and textures as these can suggest certain characters. 

MAKEUP - Keep it natural. Your 'every day ' look is what we're looking for. 

My instagram is @faysummerfield_headshots 

I have a studio in London and also in Cardiff from Jan 2023.

Portfolio Tips


For PORTFOLIO shot references , check out my Insta Portfolio shots can be more relaxed headshots of you laughing, chatting, or full body shots. Modelling shots, Director shots, Dance shots, you holding a cup of tea or full on character shots! Literally anything you'd like to add to your portfolio as an artist. 

A focus on portraits/mid length considering the studio space I have. 

I can help you with decisions on clothing, makeup, hair, beard or no beard etc, so feel free to ask any questions when booking. I can easily edit spots, blemishes and eye bags , so no need to cancel or re-book if you've woken up to a bad skin/hair day!